Unable to assign User Roles

Error displayed when assigning User Roles in DASH.


The following error is displayed when a role is selected in Console Settings > User Roles:
CWLAA6003: Could not display the widget at this time, the widget's module may be being updated.
Example of the error found in the Web GUI log:
[9/14/23 23:13:46:272 UTC] 00000138 _logon        I   ZiXNHV3ahlvaQ6EdLdQZh6Q
[9/14/23 23:13:46:273 UTC] 00000138 _logon        I   Qrn1vA70tP6eojmh_na9prP
[9/14/23 23:14:20:841 UTC] 000000ce NotificationS I com.ibm.isc.ha.notifications.NotificationServlet configureTrustManager trying SSL_TLSv2
[9/14/23 23:14:20:855 UTC] 000000ce GlobalConfigU W com.ibm.isc.ha.GlobalConfigUtil getGlobalLock No such key in db: GLOBAL_LOCK
[9/14/23 23:14:20:856 UTC] 000000ce NodeUtils     W com.ibm.isc.ha.nodes.NodeUtils getNode No such node in the db: noi-316-webgui-0:16311
[9/14/23 23:14:20:856 UTC] 000000ce FederationSer W com.ibm.isclite.service.datastore.federation.FederationServiceImpl insertFederation Error occurred while updating: null


  1. Log in to the Web GUI container by running the following command:
    oc exec -ti <release-name>-webgui-0 bash
  2. Run the following command to retrieve the WebSphere® admin user password:
    kubectl get secret <release-name>-was-secret -o json -n $NAMESPACE | grep WAS_PASSWORD | cut -d : -f2 | cut -d '"' -f2 | base64 -d;echo
  3. Change to the /home/netcool/app/jazz/ui/bin directory and run the following command:
    ./consolecli.sh ForceHAUpdate --username smadmin --password <was password>
    Where <was password> is the password obtained in step 2.