About Event Search

Event Search provides an indexing capability to enable your operators to define index-based views of their event data.

Events are transferred from the ObjectServer through the Gateway for Message Bus to Operations Analytics - Log Analysis, where they are ingested into a data source and indexed for searching. After the events are indexed, you can search every occurrence of real-time and historical events. The Tivoli® Netcool®/OMNIbus Insight® Pack is installed into Operations Analytics - Log Analysis and provides custom apps that search the events based on various criteria. The custom apps can generate dashboards that present event information to show how your monitoring environment is performing over time. Keyword searches and dynamic drill down functions allow you to go deeper into the event data for detailed information. The apps can be run from the Operations Analytics - Log Analysis. Tooling can be installed into the Web GUI that start the apps from the right-click menus of the Event Viewer and the Active Event List. An event reduction wizard is also supplied that includes information and apps that can help you analyze and reduce volumes of events and minimize the noise in your monitored environment.