Importing reports (single server integration architecture)

After exporting the custom reports, disabling and uninstalling the Netcool® Configuration Manager version of Reporting Services, and completing all other integration steps, you import the report archive into the Network Manager version of Reporting Services,

Before you begin

You must have exported the custom reports before installing Network Manager on the same server as your existing Netcool Configuration Manager installation.

About this task


  1. Log into the Network Manager Dashboard Application Services Hub.
  2. Click Reporting > Common Reporting.
  3. Click Launch on the toolbar, and then select Administration from the drop-down menu.
  4. Select the Configuration tab, then click Content Administration.
  5. Click New Import to launch the New Import wizard.
    A list of available report archives will be displayed.
  6. Select the archive that you exported earlier and click Next.
  7. Select ITNCM Reports, then Next and Next again, accepting the default values.
  8. Click Finish > Run > OK.
    The reports are imported and the new archive is displayed in the list of archives.
  9. Close the Common Reporting tab and click the Common Reporting link in the navigation pane.


The custom reports will now be available in the Netcool Configuration Manager version of Reporting Services.