Architecture of an on-premises installation

Learn about the architecture of an on-premises physical deployment of Operations Management.

The architecture that is described in this example can be scaled up and extended for failover, a multitiered architecture, load balancing, and clustering. For further scenarios and architecture examples, see On-premises scenarios for Operations Management. The following figure shows the architecture of a basic on-premises installation of Operations Management.

Figure 1. Simplified installation architecture
Simplified installation architecture for Netcool Operations Insight
Server 1
Hosts the Netcool®/OMNIbus core components, the Gateway for JDBC, Gateway for Message Bus, and Netcool/Impact. Configurations are applied to the ObjectServer to support the event analytics and topology search capabilities. Event analytics is part of the base Netcool Operations Insight® solution. Topology search is part of the Networks for Operations Insight feature. The default configuration of the Gateway for Message Bus is to transfer event inserts to Operations Analytics - Log Analysis through an IDUC channel. This connection can be changed to forward events reinserts and inserts through the Accelerated Event Notification client.
Server 2
Hosts an IBM® Db2® database and Operations Analytics - Log Analysis. The Tivoli® Netcool/OMNIbus Insight Pack and the Network Manager Insight Pack are installed into Operations Analytics - Log Analysis. The Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus Insight Pack is part of the base Netcool Operations Insight solution. The Network Manager Insight Pack is part of the Networks for Operations Insight feature. The REPORTER schema is applied to the Db2 database so that events can be transferred from the Gateway for JDBC. Various installation methods are possible for Db2. For more information, see the Db2 documentation link.
Server 3
Hosts Dashboard Application Services Hub, which is a component of Jazz® for Service Management. Jazz for Service Management provides the GUI framework and the Reporting Services component. The Netcool/OMNIbus WebGUI and the Event analytics component are installed into Dashboard Application Services Hub. In this setup Reporting Services is also installed on this server, together with parts of the Networks for Operations Insight feature: the IBM Tivoli Network Manager IP Edition GUI components, Netcool Configuration Manager, and the Agile Service Manager UI. This simplifies the configuration of the GUI server, and provides the reporting engine and the report templates that are provided by the products on one host.
Note: You can set up Network Manager and Netcool Configuration Manager to work with Reporting Services by installing their respective reports when installing the products. Netcool/OMNIbus 8.1.0 and later can be integrated with Reporting Services 3.1 to support reporting on events. To configure this integration, connect Reporting Services to a relational database through a gateway. Then, import the report package that is supplied with Netcool/OMNIbus into Reporting Services. For more information about event reporting, see the Netcool/OMNIbus documentation, Importing event summary reports into Tivoli Common Reporting external link.
Server 4
Hosts the Netcool Configuration Manager presentation and worker server, the Network Manager IP Edition core components, and the NCIM topology database, which are all components of the Networks for Operations Insight feature. This setup assumes large networks where discovering the network and creating and maintaining the network topology can require significant system resources.
Server 5
Hosts the Agile Service Manager components that support the service management feature, including the Agile Service Manager core and the Agile Service Manager observers. For information on installation and configuration of Agile Service Manager, see the Agile Service Manager documentation at link.