Disabling automatic updates

Policies with automatic updates enabled are continually reevaluated and updated by Netcool® Operations Insight® analytics. You can disable automatic updates on Temporal Grouping and Temporal Pattern policies.

Before you begin

When disabled, automatic updates to a policy cannot be reenabled.


  1. In the Navigation icon main navigation menu, select Automations icon Automations and click Policies.
  2. In the table row of the policy, which you want to disable automatic updates for, click the menu overflow icon Overflow menu icon and select Disable automatic updates.
  3. A confirmation dialog is displayed reminding you that after automatic updates are disabled, they cannot be reenabled. Click Disable updates to continue or Cancel to leave the policy unchanged.
    You can now click the toggle to change the policy status from Enabled Toggle on button or Disabled Toggle off button. Disabled policies do not act against incoming alerts.