Runbook versions

You can use versioning to create incremental improvements to runbooks and monitor the success of changes. Subject Matter Experts can continuously improve the quality of runbooks by using the comments provided and available run metrics. As a result different versions of a runbook will be created.

All available runbooks are listed on the Library page. Click the menu overflow icon Open menu and select Preview runbook > Versions to display all the versions of a runbook.
The Draft version is a work-in-progress runbook. It is marked with a draft flag. A draft runbook is not yet published and does not run in production. It is not visible to any operator. You can run and test the current draft.
Latest published
The latest published version is the version that is running and used by all operators. This is the version that the operations analyst can preview and work with.
Archived versions are previously used versions. They are not in production and cannot be used by any operations analyst. The metrics of the previous versions help the Subject Matter Expert to monitor continuous improvements of the runbook. You can run archived version to learn why this runbook did not run successfully.

You can create different versions of a runbook if you are an RBA Author or RBA Approver. For more information about roles, see Creating users.