See recently executed runbooks, including runbooks in progress.

In the Activities section of the Library page, you can find all runbooks that have been started. You can filter your list by the following criteria:
Runbook name
Select the Runbook filter and select one or more runbook names. All runbook executions for the selected runbook names are shown.
Runbook type
Select the filter Type and select Automatic Manual. Fully automated runbooks are runbooks in which each step contains an automation. An operator does not need to interact with the runbook. Automated runbooks can be mapped with events by creating a trigger. To see the automated runbooks that are started by a trigger, click Automatic.
Runbook execution status
Select the Status filter and choose a status such as Success, Failed, Cancelled, In progress, or Completed. For example, you can find all runbook executions that are paused by selecting In progress. When you are ready to return to the task you can resume the runbook. Select the Canceled status if you want to see all canceled runbooks and the reason why they have been canceled.