Preparing the database for Network Manager

After a supported database has been installed, you must install and run the database scripts to configure the topology database for use by Network Manager IP Edition. You must run the scripts before installing Network Manager IP Edition.

About this task

If you downloaded the compressed software package from Passport Advantage®, the database creation scripts are included at the top level of the uncompressed software file. Copy the scripts to the database server and use them.

You can also install the Network Manager IP Edition topology database creation scripts using Installation Manager by selecting the Network Manager topology database creation scripts package. The database scripts are installed by default in the precision/scripts/ directory in the installation directory (by default, /opt/IBM/netcool/core/precision/scripts/).


  1. Log in to the server where you installed Db2®.
  2. Change to the directory where your Db2 instance was installed and then change to the sqllib subdirectory.
  3. Set up the environment by typing the following command:
    Shell Command
    Bourne . ./db2profile
    C source db2cshrc
    The Network Manager IP Edition application wrapper scripts automatically set up the Db2 environment.
  4. Locate the compressed database creation file db2_creation_scripts.tar.gz and copy it to the server where Db2 is installed. Decompress the file.
  5. Change to the precision/scripts/ directory and run the script as the Db2 administrative user for the instance (db2inst1):
    ./ database_name user_name -force

    Where database_name is the name of the database, user_name is the Db2 user to use to connect to the database, and -force an argument that forces any Db2 users off the instance before the database is created.

    Important: The user_name must not be the administrative user. This user must be an existing operating system and Db2 user.

    For example, to create a Db2 database that is called ITNM for the Db2 user ncim, type:

    ./ ITNM ncim
  6. After you run, restart the database as the Db2 administrative user as follows: run db2stop and then run db2start.
  7. When running the Network Manager IP Edition installer later on, make sure you select the option to configure an existing Db2 database. The Network Manager IP Edition installer can then create the tables in the database either on the local or a remote host, depending on where your database is installed.
    The installer populates the connection properties in the following files, you can check these files for any problems with your connection to the database:
    • The DbLogins.DOMAIN.cfg and MibDbLogin.cfg files in $NCHOME/etc/precision. These files are used by the Network Manager IP Edition core processes.
    • The file in $NMGUI_HOME/profile/etc/tnm. These files are used by the Network Manager IP Edition GUI.