Gateways running on OCP cluster won’t connect to on-premises ObjectServer IDUC

In hybrid deployments, gateways running on Red Hat® OpenShift®OCP cluster is unable to connect to on-premises ObjectServer IDUC.



Set the following properties for both aggregation ObjectServers running on-premises:

Iduc.ListeningHostname: '' # STRING (Hostname to listen for Iduc connections)
Iduc.ListeningPort: 0 # INTEGER (Iduc port to listen on)
and then delete and restart both gateway pods on ocp cluster noi-topology-noi-gateway-xxxx and noi-ea-noi-layer-eanoigateway-xxxx.
Property Command-line option Description
Iduc.ListeningHostname string -listeninghostname string Sets a hostname for clients to use to locate the ObjectServer. On systems where DNS is used, the name returned by a host machine internally might not be the name by which it is referred to on the network. For example, a computer named sfo might actually be identified on the network as To allow clients to connect to the ObjectServer on sfo, set this property to The default is the name of the local computer, as reported by the hostname command.
Iduc.ListeningPort integer -listeningport integer Sets the port for the IDUC communication connection. This is the port on which the ObjectServer sends updates to each event list and gateway. If not specified, the IDUC port is selected by the ObjectServer at random from the unused port numbers available. The default is 0, that is, take the next available port. You can also specify the port in the /etc/services file on the host machine.
Draft comment:
Issue #9041