Switching between tabulated and charted event information

Event information is visible in table or chart format, within the Related Event Details portlet.

About this task

A pivot event is an event that acts as a pivot around which you can extrapolate related event occurrences, in relation to the pivot event occurrence. To view the event distribution of a pivot event, complete the following steps to switch from tabulated event information to charted event information within the Related Event Details portlet.


  1. Start the View Related Events portlet, see Viewing current analytics configurations.
  2. Within the View Related Events portlet, in the Events table select an event or in the Group table select an event group, and right-click. A menu is displayed.
  3. From the menu, select Show Details and a Related Event Details portlet opens.
  4. Within the Related Event Details portlet, in the Events tab, two tables are displayed.
    • Event Group Instance Table: This table lists each instance of the event group and the time at which the instance occurred. The time of the group instance is set to the occurrence time of the event that you selected.
    • Events Table: This table lists the events for a selected group instance.
  5. From the Events tab toolbar, select Timeline. The event information displays in chart format.

    For information about understanding the timeline chart, see Understanding the timeline chart

    Note: The timeline chart scale is displayed as seconds (s), minutes (m), or hours (h). If many timelines are displayed, users might need to scroll down to view all of the timelines. The timeline chart scale is anchored in place at the top of the Timeline view.


The timeline chart shows the event distribution for each event type in the group, relative to the pivot event. Each comb in the timeline chart represents an event type and the teeth represent the number of instances of the event type. The pivot event is not represented by a comb, but the pivot event instance is always at zero seconds, minutes, or hours. For a selected event group instance, the highlighted tooth on each comb denotes the event type instance relative to the pivot event, in seconds, minutes, or hours.

The long summary labels under the combs in the timeline chart are truncated. Move the mouse cursor over a truncated summary label to see the tooltip that shows the full summary label.

What to do next

  • If there are many event types to view, use the pagination function in addition to scrolling. In the pagination toolbar, select the page to view and the page size.
  • If you want to change the pivot event, see Changing the pivot event.
  • If you want to revert to the tabulated event information, select Events from the Events tab toolbar.