Deleting an analytics configuration

Analytics configurations can be deleted individually, regardless of their status.


  1. Start the Configure Analytics portlet, see Viewing current analytics configurations.
  2. Select the name of the analytics configuration that you want to delete and from the toolbar click the Delete Selected Configuration icon.
  3. Within the confirmation dialog that is displayed, select OK.
    If you attempt to delete an analytics configuration with one or more rules created for it, a text warning dialog box appears with the current rules status for that analytics configuration. The following example illustrates text that the warning dialog box can contain:
    Configuration EventAnalytics_Report_1 contains the following rules:
    Seasonality Rules: 
    0 watched rules, 1 active rules, 0 expired rules and 0 archived
    Related Event Rules:
    0 watched rules, 0 active rules, 0 expired rules and 0 archived
    Delete the rules manually before deleting the configuration.

    As the message indicates, manually delete the rule or rules associated with the specified analytics configuration before deleting the analytics configuration. In the example, the one active rule associated with the analytics configuration called EventAnalytics_Report_1 would need to be deleted first.


  • The table of analytics configurations refreshes, and the deleted configuration no longer appears in the list of analytics configurations.
  • Deleting the analytics configuration does not delete the related results if the results are in the Deployed or Expired state. However, deleting the analytics configuration does delete the related results that are in the New or Archived state.
  • You are unable to reuse the name of a deleted analytics configuration until all related event groups that contain the name of the deleted configuration are deleted from the system.