Ansible Automations

The Ansible® Automation Provider harvests Ansible type automations from the connected Ansible Automation Platform Controller server. These automations are created automatically and reference an existing asset from a connected Ansible installation.

Ansible Automations can reference the following:
  • Job Templates
  • Workflow Job Templates
Unlike Script Automations, Ansible Automations do not define new automation content inside IBM® Runbook Automation. Instead they point to an existing automation, present in the Ansible Automation Platform Controller server, which is a job or job workflow template.

When an Ansible Automation runs, it calls the specific launch operation of that template on the connected Ansible Automation Platform Controller server. If the template requires prompting for specific variables, these variables are sent by Runbook Automation. Runbook Automation allows these variables to be defined as Automation parameters.

See the topics that follow this section for more information about Ansible Automations.