Supplied users and groups

The IBM® Netcool®/OMNIbus WebGUI Configuration Tool can create two default users and two groups so that you can use the product as soon as the tool restarts the server. They also provide a convenient means of accessing the product for temporary or demonstration purposes. The groups provide a convenient way of allocating user or administrative privileges to any user that you create. For example, as you create each read-only user you assign them to the Netcool_OMNIbus_User group.

The following table lists the default users that are created and the groups that they are assigned to, and gives the default password for the users. Ensure that you change this password when you log in for the first time.

Table 1. Default supplied users
User ID Type of user Groups Default password
ncouser Read-only Netcool_OMNIbus_User Same as WebSphere® Server admin password.
ncoadmin Administrator Netcool_OMNIbus_Admin and Netcool_OMNIbus_User Same as WebSphere Server admin password.

The following table lists the roles that are assigned to the default users.

Table 2. Roles that are assigned to the default supplied groups
Group name Roles assigned
  • ncw_admin
  • ncw_dashboard_editor
  • ncw_gauges_editor
  • ncw_user
  • netcool_rw
  • ncw_user
  • netcool_ro