Temporal group justification page does not load

When installed on a hybrid deployment with an on-premises WebGUI, which has a TLS certificate that is not trusted by a well known authority, the temporal group information page does not load and displays an unknown error.


Temporal group justification page does not load.


This error is caused by ea-ui-api not trusting the on-premises WebGUI certificate. There is a configuration option that allows a user to trust extra certificates, but this option is not currently used by this service.


As a workaround, set some helm value overrides to make this service use these certificates, as in the following example:
apiVersion: noi.ibm.com/v1beta1
kind: NOIHybrid
  name: noi
    global.integrations.cneaUiApi.configMaps.trustCAsUser.template: '{{ default (printf "%s-trusted-cas" .releaseName) .Values.global.hybrid.trustedCAsConfigMapName }}'
    ibm-ea-ui-api.integrations.cneaUiApi.directories.configMaps.trustCAsUser: '/ca-certs/user'
  # .... rest of CR
Draft comment: LOUISERoberts
think this is #6028. JMP thinks can remove, checking with Shakirah and Matt T. Its in 2 places: Install/TS/hybrid and Operations/TS/hybrid.