Red Hat OpenShift upgrade fails

On demo or trial deployments, PodDisruptionBudgets (PDBs) block the upgrade of Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform.


The upgrade of Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform is blocked on size0, demo, or trial deployments. The Red Hat OpenShift UI informs you that the Red Hat OpenShift upgrade was successful, but running oc get nodes reveals that the worker nodes are not uplifted.


The Netcool® Operations Insight® PDBs block the upgrade of Red Hat OpenShift.


The Netcool Operations Insight PDBs must be deleted by running the following commands before you upgrade Red Hat OpenShift.
oc get pdb | grep <helm-release>
oc delete pdb -l release=noi-release-name --all

The oc get pdb command returns the PDB names, for example, noi-cassandra-pdb. Each PDB must be deleted with the oc delete pdb command.