Pods cannot restart if secret expires

Pods that restart after the expiration of Docker registry secrets created during deployment do not have access to pull images.


If you created a Docker registry secret during deployment to enable Netcool® Operations Insight® to access the internal OpenShift® image repository, then any pods that restart when this secret has expired will not have access to pull images, and ImagePullBackoff errors will occur.


To resolve this, you must recreate the secret that the pods rely on by using the following command:
oc create secret docker-registry noi-registry-secret 
  • noi-registry-secret is the name of the secret that you are creating. Suggested value is noi-registry-secret
  • docker_user is the Docker user, for example kubeadmin
  • docker_pass is the Docker password
  • docker-reg is your Docker registry
  • reg_namespace is the namespace that your Docker registry is in.
  • namespace is the name of the namespace that you want to deploy to.