Installing Db2 and configuring the REPORTER schema

Netcool® Operations Insight® requires a Db2® database with the REPORTER schema for historical event archiving.

Tip: For information on the housekeeping of historical Db2 event data, as well as sample SQL scripts, see the Historical event archive sizing guidance section in the Netcool/OMNIbusBest Practices Guide, which can be found on the Netcool/OMNIbus best-practice Wiki: link


  • Obtain and download the package for the Db2 database and the Gateway configuration scripts.
  • Decompress the packages. Then, as the root system user, run the db2setup command to install the Db2 database on the host. The db2setup command starts the Db2 Setup wizard. Install as the root system user because the setup wizard needs to create a number of users in the process.
  • Run IBM® Installation Manager on the Netcool/OMNIbus host and install the Gateway configuration scripts. The SQL file that is needed to create the REPORTER schema is installed to $OMNIHOME/gates/reporting/db2/db2.reporting.sql.
  • In the db2.reporting.sql file, make the following changes.
    • Uncomment the CREATE DATABASE line.
    • Set the default user name and password to match the Db2 installation:
      CREATE DATABASE reporter @
      CONNECT TO reporter USER db2inst1 USING db2inst1 @
    • Uncomment the following lines, so that any associated journal and details rows are deleted from the database when the corresponding alerts are deleted:
      -- Uncomment the line below to enable foreign keys
      -- This helps pruning by only requiring the alert to be
      -- deleted from the status table
      This SQL appears twice in the SQL file: once in the details table definition and once in the journal table definition. Uncomment both instances.
  • Run the SQL file against the Db2 database by running the following command as the db2inst1 system user:
    $ db2 -td@ -vf db2.reporting.sql


The Db2 installer creates a number of users including db2inst1.