Configuring Datadog as an event source

Datadog provides a monitoring service for your cloud infrastructure. You can set up an integration with Netcool® Operations Insight® to receive alert information from Datadog.

Before you begin

The following event types are supported for this integration:
  • service_check
    • Host - Check alert (event per host)
    • Host - Cluster alert (event per cluster/group)
    • Process - Check alert (event per host, per process)
    • Process - Cluster alert (event per process)
    • Network service - Check alert (event per host, per service)
    • Network service - Cluster alert (event per network)
  • metric_alert_monitor (over single host)
  • metric_alert_monitor (over cluster/tag)
  • query_alert_monitor (complex query when configure Metric alert)
Log management events from Datadog are not currently supported.

About this task

Using a webhook URL, alerts generated by Datadog monitors are sent to Netcool Operations Insight as events.


  1. Click Administration > Integrations with other systems.
  2. Click New integration.
  3. Go to the Datadog tile and click Configure.
  4. Enter a name for the integration and click Copy Copy to add the generated webhook URL to the clipboard. Ensure you save the generated webhook to make it available later in the configuration process. For example, you can save it to a file.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Log in to your account at
  7. Click Integrations in the navigation menu.
  8. Go to the webhooks tile and click Install, or click Configure if you already have other webhooks set up.
  9. Click the Configuration tab, and add a name for the webhook integration in the first available field of the Name and URL section at the end of the form.
  10. Paste the webhook URL into the second field. This is the field after the one where you added the name. This is the generated URL provided by event management.
  11. Click Install Integration or Update Configuration, and close the window.
  12. Set the webhook for each monitor you want to receive alerts from as follows:
    1. Click Monitors > Manage Monitors in the navigation menu.
    2. For existing monitors, hover over the monitor you want to receive alerts from and click Edit, or click New Monitor if you are setting up a new monitor.
    3. Go to the Say what's happening section and ensure you enter a title for your events in the header text field. For Cluster Alerts, enter a title that includes the following: [Cluster: resource_monitored]. Enter the title in the following format:

      Title text [Cluster: resource monitored]

      For example: Some of [Cluster: http_service on redhat] is down.

      This title is required for the correlation of your Datadog events into incidents.

    4. Go to the main body text field of the Say what's happening section, and type @. The available webhook names are listed. Select the name of your webhook integration. The name is also added to the Notify your team section.
      Tip: You can also select your webhook name from the drop-down list in the Notify your team section. You can also select users to notify. The selected webhook and users are added to the message in the Say what's happening section.
    5. Click Save.
    6. Repeat these steps for each monitor you want to receive alerts from.
  13. To start receiving alert information from the Datadog monitors, ensure that Enable event management from this source is set to On..