Netcool/Impact not processing new events for Event Analytics after ObjectServer failover

If Netcool®/Impact is incorrectly configured for ObjectServer failover then new events are not processed for Event Analytics.

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Issue XXXX


Seasonal event rule actions are not applied if the Netcool/Impact server is not configured correctly for ObjectServer failover as new events are processed. For example, if a seasonal event rule creates a synthetic event, the synthetic event does not appear in the event list, or if a seasonal event rule changes the column value for an event, the value is unchanged.


This problem occurs when Netcool/Impact is incorrectly configured for ObjectServer failover.


To resolve this problem, extra Netcool/Impact configuration is required for ObjectServer failover. To correctly configure Netcool/Impact, complete the steps in the following topic in the Netcool/Impact documentation: Managing the OMNIbusEventReader with an ObjectServer pair for new events or insertsexternal link

When configured, Netcool/Impact uses the failover ObjectServer to process the event.