Ansible automation provider

About this task

Complete the following steps to create a connection to an AnsibleĀ® Automation Platform Controller server.


  1. In the Navigation icon main navigation menu, select Adjust settings icon Administration and click Integration with other systems.
  2. Click Automation type.
  3. Click Configure on the Ansible tile.
  4. Enter the base URL of your Ansible Automation Platform Controller server. This URL must contain the protocol, for example:
  5. Choose an authentication type. You can select Basic Auth to connect with user name and password or API Token to use a bearer token, previously created with Write Scope in Ansible Automation Platform Controller server.
  6. Enter the chosen authentication information.
  7. Optional: Enter the Ansible Automation Platform Controller server certificate or certificate chain.
  8. Click Save to store the connection information.
    Note: When using the standard Ansible installation a self-signed certificate issued for CN localhost might be generated. Make sure to replace that certificate with a certificate issued for the actual domain name you will be using. Otherwise the connection might not work.