See recently executed runbooks, including runbooks in progress.

In the Activities tab on the main page, you can find all automations that have been run, including automations in progress. You can filter your list by the following criteria:
User that ran the automation.
Automation name
The automation that was run.
Ansible®, HTTP, SSH (Bash), SSH (Power® Shell), Client-side
Current® status of the automation activity. Valid statuses are "Executing", "Failed", "Successful", and "Unsuccessful".
The columns Rating and Comment display the detailed feedback information that has been provided by the operators who have run the automation. Service Delivery Engineers can evaluate this feedback to identify those automations that should be improved (for example, as a combination of a high number of invocations and a low average rating, as displayed in the Automations table, and the detailed feedback comments on the Activities page). Ideally, the feedback comments provided by the operators describe the pain points in sufficient detail, so the Service Delivery Engineer can improve the automation efficiently.