API Keys

Use API keys to import or export runbooks, or other actions by using the HTTP API of Runbook Automation. API keys are used to authenticate your HTTP API requests.

Each API key is associated with a particular user. Requests that are authenticated with an API key are authorized with the same permissions as the owner of that API key. The owner of an API key is the user who created it.

Create an API key
Create an API key to authenticate to the Runbook Automation API:
  1. Log in to Netcool® Operations Insight® using the noi_lead role. The noi_lead role provides the access rights to create API keys.
  2. Click Administration > Integration with other systems > API Keys.
  3. Click Generate API key.
  4. Enter a Description. You can create multiple API keys. The description helps you to distinguish between them.
  5. Ensure that you have the Runbooks API checkbox selected.
  6. Click Generate. The API key name and API key password are generated and displayed on screen.
  7. Copy the API key name and password and save them for your reference. For security reasons, the API key password is not displayed in API Keys. If you loose your API key password you must create a new API key. Delete any unused API key.
Delete an API Key
On the API Keys page, click Delete Delete icon to delete the API Key.

You can create and delete API keys with the noi_lead role. For more information about roles, see Administering users.