Configuring Event Analytics using the wizard

In Netcool®/Impact it is recommended to use the Event Analytics configuration wizard instead of the ./nci_trigger command to edit properties in the NOI Shared Configuration properties file. The setup wizard guides you through the Event Analytics configuration process. You must run the Event Analytics configuration wizard after upgrading to Netcool/Impact to verify and save your configuration.

Note: If you are running a load balancer between DASH and Netcool/Impact GUI servers, complete the following steps on each Netcool/Impact GUI server:
  1. Edit the $IMPACT_HOME/etc/server.props file on each Netcool/Impact server.
  2. Set the impact.noi.ui.hostname variable to the hostname of one of the Netcool/Impact GUI servers.
  3. After you change the file, restart the Netcool/Impact GUI servers.

To launch the wizard, click Insights icon Insights and select Event Analytics Configuration.

The Event Analytics Configuration wizard consists of two parts:
  1. Configuring access to the following databases:
    • The Tivoli® Netcool/OMNIbus Historical Event Database, containing historical event data used to analyze historical events for Event Analytics.
    • The Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus ObjectServer, containing live event data to be enriched based on insights derived from Event Analytics processing.
  2. Configuring settings to control Event Analytics processing.