The _v_aggregate view lists all of the aggregates (user-defined as well as built-in) that are available in the Netezza database.

All of the aggregates that were created with nzLua have a dependency for the LIBNZLUA library.
Table 1.
Column Description
AGGREGATE The name of the aggregate.
ARGUMENTS The argument types accepted by the aggregate.
VARARGS The types of the state variables for the aggregate.
RETURN_TYPE The result type(s) of the aggregate.
DEPENDENCIES The libraries which an aggregate depends on. All nzLua UDXs have a dependency on the LIBNZLUA library. Dependencies for other libraries might also exist, based on usage of the require function.
This query can be used to display all of the nzLua user-defined functions and table functions that have been installed in the database. The version of nzLua used for each UDX can be determined based off the name of the LIBNZLUA library shown in the dependencies column.
select aggregate, arguments, return_type, state, dependencies from _v_aggregate
where dependencies like '%NZLUA%'
order by 1;