Document data types

The json, jsonb and jsonpath document data types are supported.

JSON data types are used for storing JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) data, as specified in RFC 4627. There are 2 JSON data types: json and jsonb. The values accepted by these data types are almost identical. The major practical difference between the two of them is one of efficiency. Most applications should prefer to store JSON data as jsonb unless there are specialized needs.

jsonpath is an XPath like query language for JSON. The root element in JSONPath is always referred to as $ regardless if it is an object or array.


The JSON datatype is supported in NPS 11.0.3.x, 11.1.x.x and higher.

The JSONB datatype is supported in NPS 11.1.x.x and higher.

The JSONPATH datatype is supported in NPS 11.2.x.x and higher.