The $hist_service_n table records the CLI usage from the localhost or remote client. It logs the command name and the timestamp of the command issue. This information is collected in the history when COLLECT SERVICE is enabled in the history configuration.

For more information, see the IBM® Netezza® Advanced Security Administrator's Guide.

Table 1. $hist_service_n
Name Type Description
npsid integer This value along with the npsInstanceId and opid form the foreign key into the operation table.
npsinstanceid integer Instance ID of the source system
logentryid bigint This ID and the NPS ID (npsid) and instance ID (npsinstanceid) form:
  • A foreign key into the hist_log_entry_n table
  • A primary key for this table
sessionid bigint Session ID. This ID is a foreign key into session_n and is generated by the source Netezza Performance Server system. This ID and the NPS ID (npsid) form the foreign key into session_n.
servicetype bigint The code for the command, which is one of the following integer values:
  • 1 = nzbackup
  • 2 = nzrestore
  • 3 = nzevent
  • 4 = nzinventory (obsoleted in 5.0)
  • 5 = nzreclaim
  • 6 = nzsfi (obsoleted in 5.0)
  • 7 = nzspu (obsoleted in 5.0)
  • 8 = nzstate
  • 9 = nzstats
  • 10 = nzsystem
service varchar(512) The text string of the servicetype value