Overview of the Tivoli Storage Manager server configuration process

Deployment options: Netezza Performance Server for Cloud Pak for Data System

The process to configure the IBM® Spectrum Protect (formerly Tivoli® Storage Manager) server for Netezza Performance Server database backups has these steps:

  1. Create a storage pool to define the location or locations where the Netezza Performance Server backups are saved by the Tivoli Storage Manager server.
  2. Define a policy domain that specifies the backup policy for a group of client nodes, such as one or more Netezza Performance Server systems. A policy specifies such information as where the backup data is stored, how many backup versions to keep, and the amount of time to keep archive copies. Create one policy domain to manage all of your Netezza Performance Server systems.
  3. Register each Netezza Performance Server host that has the Tivoli Storage Manager client software as a client node of a Tivoli Storage Manager server.
  4. Create a proxy node to represent the Netezza Performance Server system and grant the Netezza Performance Server client node proxy authority over the proxy node.

The instructions are specific to Tivoli Storage Manager 5. The steps are similar for Tivoli Storage Manager 6 and higher, but there might be minor changes in the names of menus and dialogs in the later release.