SPU cores event

For IBM® Netezza® 1000 and later systems, you can now trigger an event when the system detects a SPU core file. The spuCore event can help you to troubleshoot query problems on the system.

The following is the syntax for the spuCore event:
-name 'SpuCore' -on no -eventType spuCore -eventArgsExpr '' 
-notifyType email -dst 'you@company.com' -ccDst '' -msg 'NPS system 
$HOST - Process Cored on SPU $hwId at $eventTimestamp' -bodyText 
'$notifyMsg\n\nhwId:$hwId\nerror string:$errString\nevent 
source:$eventSource\n' -eventAggrCount 0
The following table lists the output from the spuCore event rule.
Table 1. The spuCore event rule
Argument Description Examples
hwId The hardware ID of the SPU on which a process cored 1013
errString Specifies the name of the process that created the core file