Installing the .NET Provider

The procedure in this topic installs the Netezza Performance Server .NET Provider on a Windows system.

Before you begin

Ensure that Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 or later and Windows 7 SP1 or later are installed. Otherwise, the .NET Provider installation will fail.

Install the appropriate Netezza Performance Server system client tools. See Installing and uninstalling the client tools software.

About this task

The following procedure applies to Windows 7 SP1, but the procedure is similar for other Windows systems.


  1. Start the installation program by double-clicking the nzdotnetsetup.exe file, which is in the /drivers directory of the Windows installation package.
  2. On the IBM Netezza .NET Provider page, accept the default of English by clicking OK.
    This option controls the language for the installation program.
  3. On the IBM Introduction page, review the information and click Next.
  4. On the Preinstallation Summary page, review the installation summary and click Install.
  5. In the IBM Netezza .NET Provider Installation window, which displays any Visual Studio 2012 or later versions that are installed on your computer, click Install.
    The installation program does the following tasks:
    • Installs the Netezza Performance Server .NET Provider. A 32-bit provider on a 32-bit system is installed in the C:\Program Files\IBM Netezza .NET Provider folder, and a 32-bit provider on a 64-bit system is installed in the C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM Netezza .NET Provider folder.
    • Places entries in the global assembly cache (GAC) to add the Netezza Performance Server .NET Provider to the provider list.
  6. If the following message is displayed (meaning that Visual Studio 2012 or later is not installed on your machine),click OK:
    The IBM Netezza .NET Provider is not integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio.
  7. On the Installation Complete page, click Done.

What to do next

Before you try to access a .NET data source, you must ensure that the installation was successful. See Validating the IBM Netezza .NET Provider installation.