Uninstalling an nzLua UDX

The nzl command can be used to uninstall an nzLua UDX by specifying the -u option.


  • Uninstall an nzLua UDX:
    nzl -u nzlua_version.nzl
  • Drop an UDX from the database by using the SQL commands DROP FUNCTION (for normal functions) or DROP AGGREGATE (for aggregated functions):
    nzsql -c "drop function nzlua_version()"
    Note that with DROP FUNCTION and DROP AGGREGATE, the function signature must exactly match the argument types of the UDX to be dropped. This is necessary because Netezza allows function overloading where multiple functions have the same name but accept different arguments. For example, to drop a function that accepts two integer arguments and a varchar(255), the command would be:
    drop function myfunction(integer,integer,varchar(255));