NZPLSQL language

You implement stored procedures on the host by creating applications by using the NZPLSQL language. NZPLSQL is an interpreted language which is based on Postgres PL/pgSQL language and designed for the Netezza Performance Server host environment.

NZPLSQL is a scripting language embedded in SQL. As a procedural language, it has branch, loop, and subprogram structures while SQL provides the main program. The subprograms, known as procedures, can take arguments and declare internal variables. After they are stored in a database, these procedures can be called from within other databases on the same Netezza Performance Server host.

The NZPLSQL language provides for the following types of procedural logic:
  • Conditionals (if/else)
  • Looping (while, for)
  • Execution of SQL (including dynamic SQL)
  • Variables
  • Returning a scalar result or a result set
  • Input arguments
  • Execution in the calling context (session and transaction)
  • Extending functionality (adding NZPLSQL library routines)