Command outputs

Using the nzsql command, you can specify different output options:
  • On the NPS system or UNIX clients, to save the resulting count value into a variable for later use, enter:
    VAR1=`nzsql -A -t -c "SELECT COUNT(*) FROM test_table"`
  • To pipe the output to a printer, enter:
    nzsql | lpr
  • To send the output to a file (command-line argument), enter:
    nzsql -o foo.out
  • To send the output to a file (nzsql option), enter:
    \o foo.out

The nzsql command pipes interactive output (to a screen) through the more command so it can be paginated and scrolled for viewing. To change to another command, set the PAGER environment variable. For example, export PAGER=cat.

If you use the output redirection > operator to redirect nzsql command output to a file, as in the example nzsql -c "select * from myTab;" > /tmp/qry.out, note that the order of output in the file is different for Linux or Windows environments. On a Linux system, the output file has the SQL command first, followed by the query output. On a Windows client system, the output file contains the SQL output first, followed by the SQL command.