Start the system

When you start the system, you bring the system and database processes fully online so that the Netezza Performance Server system is ready to run user queries and other tasks.

You can use the nzstart command to start system operation if the system is in the stopped state. The nzstart command is a script that initiates a system start by setting up the environment and invoking the startup server. The nzstart command does not complete until the system is online. The nzstart command also verifies the host configuration to ensure that the environment is configured correctly and completely; it displays messages to direct you to files or settings that are missing or misconfigured.

To start the Netezza Performance Server system, enter:
(startupsvr) Info: NZ-00022: --- program 'startupsvr' (23328) 
starting on host 'nzhost' ... ---
Restriction: You must run nzstart on the host and be logged on as the user nz. You cannot run it remotely from Netezza Performance Server client systems.

For IBM® Netezza® 1000 and IBM PureData® System for Analytics N1001 systems, a message is written to the sysmgr.log file if there are any storage path issues that are detected when the system starts. The log displays a message similar to mpath -issues detected: degraded disk path(s) or SPU communication error, which helps to identify problems within storage arrays.