Multi-stream restore

Deployment options: Netezza Performance Server for Cloud Pak for Data System Netezza Performance Server for Cloud Pak for Data

The database restore can be a multi-stream operation.

A multi-stream restore can help to reduce the time that is necessary to restore from a Netezza Performance Server database backup archive. By default, nzrestore detects and uses the stream count that was specified for the backup archive that you are restoring on a per-increment basis.

To set a different default stream count for all applicable nzrestore operations, use the host.bnrRestoreStreamsDefault setting and change it to a nonzero value. You might also set an explicit stream count for a nzrestore command by using the -streams parameter to override the registry setting. If you specify a nonzero stream number for the registry setting, you can use nzrestore -streams AUTO to explicitly specify that the backup stream count must be used.

For a description of how to set a system setting either temporarily or permanently, see Changing configuration settings.

Only restore operations that transfer table data support multiple streams. These operations include full and incremental backups. Other operations (for example, -noData restores, -globals restores, and the reports) use only one stream even if you specify multiple streams.