Database operating system

The dbos.log file records information about the SQL plans submitted to the database server and also the restarting of the dbos process.

Log files

Current log
Archived log

Sample messages

2012-12-12 18:12:03.258402 EST Info: NZ-00022: --- program 'dbos' (25991) starting
 on host 'nzhost' ... ---
2012-12-12 18:12:03.321092 EST Info: cacheDir=/nz/data.1.0/cache cacheImg=/nz/data
.1.0/cache/cache_img.txt m_size=52190 m_numDirs=307 m_ROWSIZE=170 m_planHistFiles=
2012-12-12 18:17:38.713027 EST Info: plan queued: planid 1 tx 0x189402 cli 1 uid 1
001 sid 16056 pid [29672] (run 0/1)
2012-12-12 18:17:38.713306 EST Info: plan prep  : planid 1 tx 0x189402 cli 1 uid 1
001 sid 16056 pid [29672] (run 0/1)
Plan ID
The plan number queued or started. This number relates to the corresponding execution plan in the /nz/data/plans directory. The system increments it for each new portion of SQL processed and resets it to 1 when you restart the system.
The queue to which this plan was assigned.
The unique transaction identifier.
The ID of the client process.
The unique ID of the dbos client. Every time a client connects it receives a unique number.
The ID related to the ID returned from the nzsession.
The process ID of the calling process running on the Performance Server host.