JDBC driver installation on a supported platform (UNIX and Linux®)

The client tools installation procedure of the Netezza Performance Server for Cloud Pak for Data System system copies the Java™ nzjdbc3.jar file, which contains the JDBC driver, into the nz/lib directory (usually the /usr/local/nz/lib directory).

Use the export command to modify the value of the CLASSPATH environment variable on the client machine to include the location of the Netezza JDBC driver. An example follows:
export CLASSPATH=.:/usr/local/nz/lib/nzjdbc3.jar
This command changes the environment for the current session only. After you verify that your environment modification works correctly, you can edit your login script to set the environment variable when users log in.

After you install the driver, you must configure the data source. See Configuring the JDBC data source by using an nzjdbc.ini file (UNIX and Linux).