Commands and locations

Table 1 lists the commonly used nz commands for tasks on the Netezza Performance Server system, and their availability on the Netezza Performance Server host or in the Netezza Performance Server client kits.
Note: When investigating problems, Netezza Performance Server support personnel might ask you to issue other internal nz commands that are not listed.
Table 1. Command summary
Command Description Host or Client Kit Availability
Netezza® Host Linux® Client Solaris Client HP Client AIX® Client Windows Client
nzbackup Backs up an existing database.          
nzcontents Displays the revision and build number of all the executable files, plus the checksum of Netezza Performance Server binaries.          
nzconvert Converts character encodings for loading with the nzload command or external tables.
nzds Manages and displays information about the data slices on the system.
nzevent Displays and manages event rules.
nzhistcleanupdb Deletes old history information from a history database.          
nzhistcreatedb Creates a history database with all its tables, views, and objects for history collection and reporting.          
nzhostbackup Backs up the host catalog, including users and groups.          
nzhostrestore Restores the host catalog using the file taken with nzhostbackup.          
nzhw Displays information about the hardware components of a system.
nzload Loads data into database files.
nzodbcsql A client command on Netezza Performance Server UNIX clients that tests ODBC connectivity.    
nzpassword Stores a local copy of the user's password.
nzreclaim Uses the SQL GROOM TABLE command to reclaim disk space from user tables, and also to reorganize the tables.  
nzrestore Restores the contents of a database backup.          
nzrev Displays the current software revision for any Netezza Performance Server software release.
nzsession Shows a list of current system sessions (load, client, and sql). Supports filtering by session type or user, which you can use to abort sessions, and change the current job list for a queued session job.
nzspupart Displays information about the SPU partitions, including status information and the disks that support the partition.  
nzsql Invokes the SQL command interpreter.
nzstart Starts the system.          
nzstate Displays the current system state or waits for a specific system state to occur before it returns.
nzstats Displays system level statistics.
nzstop Stops the system.          
nzsystem Changes the system state or displays the current system information.