Logging Netezza Performance Server SQL information on the client

About this task

To log information on the client Windows system, complete the following steps:


  1. Click Start > Settings > Control Panel > Data sources (ODBC).
  2. In the ODBC Data Source Administration screen, click the System DNS tab.
  3. Select NZSQL > Configure.
  4. In the NetezzaSQL ODBC Datasource Configuration screen, enter information about your data source, database, and server.
  5. Select Driver Options.
  6. In the Netezza ODBC Driver Configuration, select the CommLog check box.
    This action causes the system to create a file that contains the following information:
    • The connection string
    • The SQL commands that executed
    • The first tuple of data returned
    • The number of tuples returned


The system writes log information to the file specified in the Commlog check box (for example, C:\nzsqlodbc_xxxx.log).