Unlocking the SEDs

Netezza Performance Server for Cloud Pak for Data System

After your SEDs are operating in auto-lock mode, it is possible to unlock them and restore them to the default secure erase mode, but the process requires significant assistance from IBM® Support.

Typically, after you configure SEDs to use auto-lock mode, you would never change them back to the default secure erase mode. If for some reason you must reconfigure the SEDs, it is possible to do so, but this process is complex and requires a lengthy service window and possible service charges. There is also a risk of data loss especially if your backups for the system are stale or incomplete. Make sure that reconfiguring your SEDs to secure erase mode is appropriate for your environment.

The process to reconfigure SEDs to secure erase mode from the auto-lock mode is not a process that you can run on your own. You must work with IBM Support to reset the system correctly.

To change the storage array SEDs from auto-lock mode to standard secure erase mode, there is an IBM Support process to disable the authentication key. This process requires you to securely erase the storage drives and reload the full database backups from your most recent Netezza Performance Server backup. If it is an option, such as for a nonproduction test system, a full system reinitialization would also reset the drives from auto-lock mode. You would then need to restore your Netezza Performance Server data from your backups or start creating new data from new load sources.