Getting started

Deployment options: Netezza Performance Server for Cloud Pak for Data

Netezza Performance Server is a purpose-built, standards-based, data and AI system that integrates database, server, storage, and advanced analytic capabilities into a single, easy-to-manage platform. It is built on IBM Red Hat OpenShift and is optimized for High-Performance Analytics. Netezza Performance Server runs on Red Hat OpenShift and IBM Cloud Pak for Data, in your cloud account, on IBM Cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS), or Azure. The solution is a cloud-native and containerized stack.


Netezza Performance Server offers a seamless upgrade for existing deployments. It’s a simple lift and shift to the cloud.

The built-in automation and auto-recovery provides a highly available and fault-tolerant deployment with minimal human touch, ensuring your data warehouse is running continuously without interruption.

Netezza Performance Server relies on cloud-native building blocks to construct a scalable, elastic, and highly performant cloud data warehouse. Containerized host and SPUs run on dedicated Red Hat OpenShift worker nodes. Netezza Performance Server offers a dedicated and specialized compute and storage for host and SPUs, which are automatically provisioned by the installer. 1-1 storage per data slice is attached over the network and allows compute storage decoupling. You can increase storage capacity without changing data slices and add more SPUs without adding or removing data slices. FPGA emulation is enabled.

Each instance is composed of:
  • An ipshost-0 pod (container) that acts as a host.
  • A console-<unique_identifier> pod for the web console.
  • Series of SPU pods that run as backend of the Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) architecture.
  • A number of data slices. Each one maps 1-1 with a cloud provider-specific reliable block storage.

    With this architecture, the storage and compute nodes are decoupled. The system relies on the reliable storage of a cloud provider, which means that any failures at a disk-level are automatically and transparently handled by the cloud provider. Also, you do not have to manage RAID or do disk regenerations.

    The specifications and configurations of the compute and storage for each of the cloud providers are carefully chosen and controlled by the system for an optimal balance of price and performance. You do not have to worry about procuring or configuring any resources on the cloud.Netezza Performance Server and Red Hat OpenShift manage and automate that.

User management is integrated into Cloud Pak for Data. See Managing users on Netezza Performance Server for Cloud Pak for Data.
For database monitoring and administration, you can use a web console-based user interface, which allows you to:
  • View database metrics (utilization, query performance, active queries, sessions).
  • Administer database objects, users.
  • Run queries through an SQL editor.
  • Create and edit event and or scheduler rules.
  • Administer and manage backups and restores.
Backup and restore
  • Backups and restores are built on an external table framework.
  • Backups are stored in either IBM Cloud Object Storage or AWS S3, or replicated to multiple availability zones.
  • You can back up and restore user data by using the UI or REST APIs.
  • Supported backup types:
    An on-demand backup is a full backup of the existing databases on the system.
    A scheduled backup is a configured option, which completes daily backups of all the databases on the system. This process starts with an initial full backup, and follows with six subsequent incremental backups to complete a week's backup set.

    Partial and full restoration of existing backups, and backup deletion are supported. Deletion of a backup results in that backup, and any incremental backups up to the next full one, being deleted to preserve a clear backup set.

  • Full and partial restores available.
See Backup and restore.

Compatibility with IBM PureData System for Analytics

  • Netezza Performance Server is based on the same code as IBM® PureData® System for Analytics, so the solution is fully compatible with these appliances.

  • The database backup and restore formats are compatible with IBM PureData System for Analytics 7.2.1.x and earlier.

  • Netezza Performance Server is compatible with IBM Netezza Analytics (INZA).

  • The host commands are generally identical to the ones in IBM PureData System for Analytics 7.2.1.x. However, ports 5481, 5482 and 5483 are not available by default. To issue the commands that go through those ports, you must use the nzcli commands. For more information, see Remote command-line nz.

  • IBM PureData System for Analytics 7.2.1.x clients work against the on cloud host (servers) by using the configured hostname and IP address. The server port numbers are the same for both products.

Compatibility with other products

  • 100% compatibility with IBM PureData System for Analytics (Netezza) or later.

  • Netezza Performance Server 11.X.X.X conforms to ODBC 3.5 and JDBC 4 standards. Any of the 3rd party tools that support ODBC 3.5 or JDBC 4 standards work with version 11.X.X.X.

  • Certified with IBM Fluid Query 1.7.2.

    IBM supports the use of any SQL client offerings that are certified with IBM PureData System for Analytics or later to work with Netezza Performance Server and later.

  • Replication compatibility
    Main Version Subordinate Version
    Netezza Performance Server Netezza Performance Server or later Netezza Performance Server Netezza Performance Server or later
    Netezza Performance Server Netezza Performance Server or later IBM PureData System for Analytics IBM PureData System for Analytics or later
    IBM PureData System for Analytics IBM PureData System for Analytics or later Netezza Performance Server Netezza Performance Server or later
  • 3rd party backup and restore connectors
    Connector Certified version
    IBM Spectrum Protect (previously Tivoli Storage Manager) 5.4, 5.5, 6.1, 6.2, 7.1, 8.1 and 8.1.10
    Veritas NetBackup 6.5, 7.1, 7.6, 7.7, 7.7.1, 8.0 and 8.3
    EMC NetWorker 7.6, 8.2.1, 9.0 and 19.1
    .See Installing third-party software.
  • By default, Netezza Performance Server supports Jumbo frames of size 9000 for internal communication.