The nzlogmerge command

Each system component produces a log file that is stored in a subdirectory of the /nz/kit/log directory. Each entry in this file contains a timestamp. For troubleshooting, it is often required to merge these entries in chronological order.

To merge all the log files, the nzlogmerge command syntax is:
nzlogmerge list of files to merge


The nzlogmerge command takes the following options:
Table 1. The nzlogmerge options
Option Description
-h or ? Displays this help
-v Verbose mode
-t hours Specifies the log messages in the last t hours
-a datetime

-b datetime

Captures the log entries after the specified time and before the specified time. The dattime value must be in the format YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS.
files List of files to merge