NetBackup policy

Deployment options: Netezza Performance Server for Cloud Pak for Data System

A NetBackup policy contains the configuration settings for a Netezza database backup. It defines the rules that NetBackup uses when it backs up clients. You use the NetBackup Administration Console to configure a NetBackup policy.

For a Netezza Performance Server database backup, the NetBackup policy is a “DataStore” policy. The following table describes the relevant policy settings.
Table 1. NetBackup policy settings
Category Setting Value
Attributes Policy Type DataStore
Attributes Storage Unit Previously configured NetBackup Storage Unit, suitable for the Netezza Performance Server database backup destination.
Attributes Keyword Phrase Optional user-supplied keyword phrase. Can be used to help distinguish between backups in the Client Backups Report in NetBackup. You might use the database name.
Schedule Type of Backup Automatic for NetBackup-scheduled backups

Application for user-initiated backups

Schedule * A policy must include at least one schedule with which you can set the valid time windows for Netezza Performance Server backups and the calendar or frequency specifications for automatic NetBackup-initiated backups. Because you can restore at any time, there is no need for a schedule.
Client Name The Netezza Performance Server host name
Backup Sections Sections List The Netezza Performance Server host-resident script file that starts the appropriate Netezza Performance Server database backup. Specify the full path on the Netezza Performance Server host.