Specify the encoding

To be able to enter and read non-ASCII character sets on the Netezza Performance Server system, you must specify the encoding. There are two ways to specify the encoding you want Netezza Performance Server SQL to use:
  • Setting the environmental variable, NZ_ENCODING by exporting the environment variable or setting it for the SQL session.
  • Setting the locale (Linux® locale command) that specifies a set of language and cultural rules. You can specify the locale in any of the following ways:
    • You can set the locale LC_ALL setting that sets all the language rules.
    • You can set the locale LC_CTYPE setting that specifies the character handling.
    • You can use the default system locale setting. For the Netezza Performance Server host that runs Linux LAS 4.0, the default is en_US.utf8. On the Netezza Performance Server host that runs Linux LAS 2.1, the default is en_US that has an encoding of Latin1.

After you set the encoding, start a terminal emulator by typing the xterm command. For more information about using the xterm command, see the Red Hat documentation.