Configuring SSL and TLS security for LDAP authentication

If you use LDAP authentication, you can also use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocols to manage the security of the communication between the Netezza system and the LDAP server.

With SSL or TLS, the Netezza Performance Server system and LDAP server use additional protocols to confirm the identity of the LDAP server by using digital certificates. You must obtain certificate authority (CA) certificate from the LDAP server and save it in a directory on the Netezza Performance Server system. These files typically have the .pem extension.

To configure SSL or TLS security for your LDAP server communications, complete the steps as described in LDAP Authentication using Windows Active Directory or LDAP Authentication using OPENLDAP.

Note that the settings in sssd.conf differ depending on the LDAP server (Active Directory OR OPENLDAP) being used.