Scaling Netezza on Cloud

Deployment options: Netezza on Cloud

Netezza on Cloud offers the ability to independently scale your compute and storage as needed.

With version, you can initiate scaling through:
  • The service instance details page in the IBM Cloud Pak for Data web console.
  • The command line by using nzcli.

Types of scaling

  • Increase the VPC count.
  • Decrease the VPC count.
In most cases, changing the VPC count changes the number of SPUs.

Compute scaling introduces a system downtime of around 10 minutes.

Version (and higher) supports compute scaling within a clip level. You can increase or decrease the VPC counts within the clip level. Storage scaling is absolutely independent of compute and fully online.

For example, you can scale an 18 VPC system to a 60 VPC directly or in increments.

  • Increase storage capacity.

    All data slices are uniformly increased.