Uninstalling Netezza Performance Server Analytics

Learn how to uninstall Netezza Performance Server Analytics if you no longer need the package.


To uninstall the Netezza Performance Server Analytics, from the /nz/var/nzcm/ directory, run the following command:
This script carries out the following steps:
  • Unregisters and uninstalls all cartridges.
  • Uninstalls the nzcm utility and removes nzcm-related entries in .bashrc.
  • Removes nzcm logs and temporary files.
  • Drops the Netezza Performance Server Analytics system databases with names that include the string nza, nzm, nzr, inza, or nzmsg.
  • Prompts you to delete the /nz/export/ae directory and the /nz/extensions/nz directory. This step is optional. These directories contain Netezza Performance Server Analytics installation files and application files. Deleting these directories ensures that no Netezza Performance Server Analytics-related files remain in the system.
  • Deletes nzevent actions for Netezza Performance Server Analytics.
  • Drops the INZAUSER user and the INZA_ADMINS global group, the INZA_USERS global group, and the INZA_DEVELOPERS global group.
  • Drops any per-database groups for databases that are enabled for NPS Analytics.
You are prompted to delete all crontab entries:
  • Select y to remove all crontab entries.
  • Select n to open your crontab file, in which you can modify your crontab entries.