Overview of the Tivoli Event Integration Facility

The Event Integration Facility is a toolkit that expands the types of events and system information that you can monitor. You can use it to develop your own adapters, which are tailored to your environment. The Event Integration Facility is a separate installation package from the main Tivoli® Netcool®/OMNIbus product.

The Event Integration Facility contains an event application programming interface (API) library for use with the Java™ and C programming languages. It also contains a debugging function that checks event syntax and sends events to a file.

You can use Event Integration Facility to do the following tasks:
  • Specify the event information to send to the ObjectServer for processing.
  • Create an adapter to filter, translate, and then forward event information to the event server.
  • Filter events near the source.
  • Create an application that can receive events.