ObjectServer overview

The ObjectServer is the database server at the core of Tivoli® Netcool®/OMNIbus. Event information is forwarded to the ObjectServer from external programs such as probes and gateways. The ObjectServer stores and manages this information in database tables, and displays the information in the event list.

In a standard configuration, events are forwarded directly to the ObjectServer. You can use the proxy server to reduce the number of probe connections to an ObjectServer.

You can run the ObjectServer and proxy server in secure mode. In this mode, the ObjectServer and proxy server authenticate connection requests from probes, gateways, and proxy servers by requiring a user name and password.

The ObjectServer supports persistence of data by using disk-based checkpoints and logs. Checkpoints write all data to disk at system-defined intervals to enable data recovery if the server stops unexpectedly. Between checkpoints, additional modifications to the database are logged to disk.