Defining observer jobs manually

This section describes how to manually configure, schedule and run observers using the provided scripts.

Remember: It is recommended that you use the Observer Configuration UI to create and run observer jobs. However, to schedule jobs manually, you can use the information in this section. As an alternative to being configured using the Observer Configuration UI, observer jobs have scripts to start and stop all available jobs, to list the status of a current job, and to set its logging levels. These scripts can be run with -h or --help to display help information, and with -v or --verbose to print out the details of the actions performed by the script, including the full cURL command. For the on-prem version of Agile Service Manager, observer scripts are configured for specific jobs by editing the script configuration files.
All prerequisites are deployed during the Agile Service Manager core installation. This includes the containers for the observers, which should be installed and running, as well as the required scripts to manage jobs.
Restriction: You may need to enhance the existing scripts to use optional parameters.
You can verify that the observer containers are running using the following command:
The system will return text showing all running containers in a state of Up.
SSL requirements: To acquire SSL certificates and build SSL truststores, use the relevant instructions for both on-prem and OCP in the following section: Defining observer security