You can install Fixpacks on existing IBM® MQ for HPE NonStop V8.1 installations.

A Fixpack is an installable package of fixes that are installed over an existing IBM MQ installation (see Upgrade procedure). A Fixpack contains all the IBM MQ libraries and executables of its base release, but a Fixpack cannot be used to create a new IBM MQ installation. Fixpacks are numbered using the last digit of the VRMF (Version Release ModLevel FixLevel), for example:
  • 8.0.1. The base release 8.0.1. Sometimes numbered
  • The first Fixpack that installs on 8.0.1
  • The second Fixpack that installs on 8.0.1
  • The third Fixpack that installs on 8.0.1

Fixpacks are cumulative, for example, Fixpack contains all of the fixes contained in prior Fixpacks and, and can be installed on any installation from 8.0.1(.0) through to Fixpacks cannot be used to upgrade from earlier releases, that is, you cannot install Fixpack on

CD (continuous delivery) releases can be applied on top of Fixpacks, for example, 8.0.3 can be installed on top of, but 8.0.3 cannot be installed on top of The same consideration applies to LTS (Long-term support) releases.

The 8.1.0(.0) release can be applied on top of release

You can back out of Fixpack installations using the restore procedure, see Restore procedure.